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SBE - Sample Report

Sample only.

5th of MARCH 2012
On the first day of SBE at SK Balun, I was greeted warmly by the school headmistress, Pn Hjh Noor Iemah Bt Ismail. A briefing session was conducted in the office at 7.30 a.m. I introduced myself and explain the aim of the SBE coursework to the headmistress. I was told that the 5th to 8th March 2012 the school going to have monthly test for the pupils. Before I dismissed from the meeting, the school headmistress reminded me to gain experience as much as possible while I was there.
Because of the monthly test, the official assembly was cancelled to allow the pupils to get ready for the tests. Therefore a short assembly was held before the pupils enter their classes. On this day, I have joined the assembly and start to observe the culture of the school, taking some pictures, and made short notes out of it. I was placed in the staff’s room with the rest of the school’s teachers.
Besides that, for the first time I was being asked by a teacher to relieve a class of standard 2. I was told that the teacher who teaches the pupils PSV, Mr Shahrol was not around for several days. I just sit in the class and watched over the pupils while they were answering the test papers.
Meanwhile, after the recess on this day, I have conducted an interview session with the English teacher of standard 2, Pn Intan Aura Salehudin regarding the new curriculum KSSR in standard 1 and 2. We discussed a few aspects including the implementation of KSSR in English subject, the use of teaching aids in classroom and the differences between KBSR and KSSR.
Before I went home, I reported myself and right at 1.30 p.m., I completed my first day of SBE.

6th of MARCH 2012
            As usual, on the morning I reported my presence upon arrived at school. My second day in school is quite exciting as I had the opportunity to relieve a class. Of the monthly test, I was assigned to get the test papers in the office and distribute them to the pupils. I spent one hour to monitor the pupils while they were answering the questions.
The pupils ended the test quite early than expected, and I took the chance to get to know some of them in the class. I asked the standard 5 pupils to introduce themselves to me. While waiting another teacher to enter the class, I had a small conversation with the pupils regarding the teaching and learning process that is taken place in the school and the implications towards their performances.

            Moreover, of not doing anything that afternoon, I walked around the school area and observed the environment and made my conclusion about how effective the environment on the teaching and learning process in school. I also took some photographs of the facilities and environment of the school. 

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