Sunday, 3 April 2016

Tutorial task EDU 3083

The best experience you had as a trainee teacher during your teaching practice.
I had gone through three phases of practicum. My first practicum was at SK Raja Di Hilir Ekram while my second practicum was at SK Tanah Hitam, Ipoh. My third practicum school was at SK Tun Dr Ismail. Teaching experience differs every time I enter the class. I have gained many experiences especially in teaching and learning of English language. The time that was spent with the pupils was more than inspiring but truly wonderful.  My cooperating teachers did more than enlighten me on the important roles of becoming a good English language teacher; they opened up a whole new perspective on the many rewards and experiences that teaching children can have on me and how I can affect them during some of the most important years of their lives. 
            I got the chance to teach pupils of year 2 again for my third practicum, the feelings and experiences were different. I will gain as much experiences or inspiration in this teaching field during the practicum periods.  During the practicum periods, I was able to see how the pupils respond towards me as a teacher. With 18 to 35  pupils in the class, I was able to spend more quality time with each and every one of them, and getting to know each of their unique personalities.
            During the practicum sessions, and some other hours of active involvement with the primary school pupils, I had the chance to spend teaching other classes during the relief hours. The pupils were more than eager to learn and cooperative as well. Throughout the lessons that I have been teaching for the past practicums, I feel very happy as I learn so much especially to experiment with all the techniques and approaches in teaching. My cooperative teacher enjoyed my lesson as well and provided me with more than enough positive feedbacks.
The most memorable part of this teaching experience was my language arts classes. I was surprised by how well the lessons went and again, I had a great bunch of pupils who did a great job, spoke well, and commented on how much fun they had in the end. I feel that it is important that pupils not only learn through poetry reading, but they managed to understand the language inputs that were being taught. It is also important that we need to give chance to pupils to choose a topic of their interest in order to help them to speak confidently. We also can set our goals as teachers to get students physically active and the more ways we find to make physical activities motivating and fun, the greater chance we have at reaching that goal.  This course practicum did what it is supposed to do, by providing me with a great positive learning experience and chance to see how rewarding a students’ achievement and happiness can do for me as a future educator.

The worst experience you had as a trainee teacher during your teaching practice.
During the three phases of practicum, I had gone through many experiences including the good and the bad ones. The worst experience I had as a trainee teacher was I had to replace an absent teacher to handle a programme at the school. The Headmaster just called my name out during the assembly and I had to be the emcee for that day. I was not prepared and not in the know of the programme tentative. I was so nervous that time because the PPD officer was there to see the programme handled by the school. On top of that, during the event, I mistakenly called a wrong name to take the prize. That time everybody was looking at me and the headmaster was quite angry at me. I felt so terrible for the whole day. After all, that experience becoming an emcee has made me what I am today. I am ready whenever people assign me on any work on the spot. I try my best to do the very best so that I look presentable as a teacher to be. As a saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Identify and explain one characteristic of an effective mentor (Cooperating Teacher) that greatly contributed to your development as a trainee teacher during practicum.
            Cooperating teachers play an important role in the development of a trainee teacher during practicum. Throughout my practicums sessions, I have come across four different cooperating teachers. Many of them have inspired me and influenced my teaching experiences and working style at schools. Some are good at their job but some have made my life downright miserable.
            What makes an effective cooperating teacher? First and foremost he or she must be knowledgeable in his or her teaching context. I personally think that I learn a lot from those who are expert in the teaching field and willing to share what they know about teaching and learning process with me. If they are not knowledgeable, I feel like I will lose some respect for those cooperating teachers who are unable to answer my questions or solve a simple problem related to their field. I had come across some cooperating teacher who always like to show off but they actually not good in their area. They should be honest with trainee teachers if they do not know about certain things and make efforts to solve the problem together.

            Apart from that, an effective cooperating teacher should also be able to impart his or her knowledge to us the trainee teachers. Cooperating teachers play such an important role model who not only guide but ignites and inspires us trainee teachers towards becoming a better teacher in the future.

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